VIDEO: Blood Orange – Benzo

After surprising us with a brand new mixtape release last Friday. Blood Orange is now sharing a beautiful video for his ‘Benzo‘ track off his latest ‘Angel’s Pulse‘ release.

Just like his previous video ‘Hope


VIDEO: Vendredi Sur Mer – Chewing Gum

One of our favourite discoveries this year is Vendredi Sur Mer. Originally from Switerzland, but artist Charline Mignot moved to Paris and created Vendredi Sur Mer.

The singer released an amazing album earlier this year, which we are still …


Agnes – I Trance

Remember Agnes? The Swedish pop star had a huge hit in 2008 with her song ‘Release Me‘. After all the success it took the singer 7 years to come back. Now it’s 2019 and Agnes is back …


Plastic Picnic – After You

We had never heard of Plastic Picnic before, but their striking artwork was enough to get us immediately excited! The Brooklyn – based band just released their new single ‘After You‘ from their upcoming EP ‘Vistalite‘ …


NAAZ – Taped

Let us introduce you to rising Dutch star Naaz. One year after releasing her debut EP ‘Bits of Naaz‘ she’s back with an amazing new track! Starting as a bedroom artist, the singer decided to go Norway …