Ultraflex share new single and music video “Rhodos”

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You are currently viewing Ultraflex share new single and music video “Rhodos”

Farao and Special-K also known together as Ultraflex are back with another banger! Following their recent singles “Relax” and “Baby“, the Berlin duo just unveiled our new summer soundtrack with “Rhodos“.

New single “Rhodos” is Ultraflex at their best with their tongue-in-cheek lyrics, sultry and whispery vocals against a shimmering synth production. Once again the duo delivers an incredibly infectious track that is filled with nostalgia. About the new single Ultraflex says: “‘Rhodos’ was written in deep pandemic, when we were desperately craving to party. Longing after people yelling in our ears, everyone bumping into each other, stepping on our toes and the sensation of cold beer flowing down our backs. Writing Rhodos immediately transported us to a hot and sticky beach, a place we loved and loathed equally.“.

Listening to the new single is definitely transporting us to some of the hot and sticky destinations mentioned in the song. “Rhodos” is going to be our new summer jam and we can’t wait to blast this during hot summer days! Be sure to give the fun visuals directed by Sigurlaug Gísladóttir a watch below.

Rhodos” is out now on all platforms via Street Pulse.