Aromatisé debut with lo-fi banger “Abricot”

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Let us introduce you to the exciting new duo Aromatisé. It’s the new project of multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer Titus Waldner and German-French musician Manon. Together they just unveiled the super infectious debut single “Abricot“.

As the title slightly suggests, Aromatisé delivers a sweet and juicy first single with “Abricot”. It’s the perfect soundtrack for these warm spring days and perfect before your night out. Manon’s lush and sensual whispery vocals glide along a lo-fi house production that transport us back to the 90s. We are loving the overall vibe and aesthetics of this new duo and can’t wait to hear what Aromatisé does next! The first single also comes with some sunny DIY-like visuals that perfectly fit with the song’s 90s vibe and production. Check out the video now below!

Abricot” is out now on all platforms.