Tuvaband returns with “Rejuvenate”

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Norwegian musician Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser aka Tuvaband returns today with a brand new single called “Rejuvenate“. It marks the artist’s first release since her brilliant album “Growing Pains & Pleasures“, which was released last year and included some of our favourites “Post Isolation” and “Fully Mature Things“.

“Rejuvenate” is perfect continuation of Tuva’s beautifully crafted soundscape thanks to the rich production. The talented DIY-artist composed, produced, mixed, recorded and played all the instruments except drums which are done by Kenneth Ishak. It’s a gorgeous contemplative song that gives you a sense of reassurance thanks to Tuva’s great lyrics and soothing vocal delivery. “Rejevunate” is the first single from Tuvaband’s upcoming new album and we can’t wait to hear more!

Rejuvenate” is out now on all platforms via Passions Flames.