Moyka shares atmospheric new single ‘Perfect Movie Scene’

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Photo: Ida Fiskaa

Norwegian songstress Moyka is ready to slow things down on her brand new single ‘Perfect Movie Scene’. The new songs follows Moyka’s previous singles ‘Rear View’, ‘Already Gone‘ and ‘Don’t Turn Around’. All songs are taken from the musician’s upcoming album ‘Movies, Cars and Heartbreak’.

Monika Engeseth, better known as Moyka, is truly on a roll when it comes to all these latest single releases. We already said it before but we think this collection of singles is already shaping up to be some of her best material yet. The indie-pop artist is naturally progressing in her music, while keeping the soundscape we first fell in love with. ‘Perfect Movie Scene’ is a beautiful crafted atmospheric song thanks to Moyka’s songwriting and great vocal delivery. The new single is truly special and we are in love with the stellar production by Eirik Hella, who delivers something that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Röyksopp album.

About the new single Moyka says:

Perfect Movie Scene is one of the most important songs of the album, I feel. It kind of explains how these last few years have felt like for me. It’s about love and having hope that it will find you, even though you’ve may been hurt before. The whole album has a lot of visual imagery and references, but the red thread is mainly about working through the sorrow of a heartbreak. It’s kind of different stages of grief and reflections of love I move through from song to song, and this one is kind of the first stop where I accept the loss and move along.

I wrote it with the super talented producer Eirik Hella on a mountain in the winter, and I think you could hear that in the sounds we went with in the production. There’s a lot of icy synths and lots of harmonies creating this lush, moving blanket and lots of space for the vocal to tell the story. The song doesn’t have a traditional pop structure and is fully focused on creating a magical atmosphere where you want to stay for a long time.

Perfect Movie Scene‘ is out now on all platforms. ‘Movies, Cars and Heartbreak’ arrives October 20th.