Moyka returns with new single ‘Rear View’

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Norwegian pop artist Moyka has returned with a brand new single ‘Rear View’. The new single follows her debut album ‘The Revelations of Love’ released in 2021. The new single is the first taken from an upcoming album, out later this year.

New single ‘Rear View’ is a stunning banger that is a great comeback single from Moyka and reminds us exactly why we fell in love with her in the first place. The new single is an honest reflection of Moyka’s journey since her debut album, a period where so struggled to find motivation and purpose which felt like a period of grief. Luckily, Moyka found her spark again in creating music and we are loving it. It’s a powerful return with stunning vocals and and infectious electronic production. About the new single she says:

“This was one of the first songs I knew I wanted on the record – because it’s a banger, you know?” says the Norwegian. “It’s a song about this kind of destructive love, when you can’t quite let go of someone. You’re still hoping to get back what you had by reducing yourself to only be in the rear view of someone’s lifeconvincing yourself ‘oh, it’s, it’s fine. I can still see the stars from here. You know, I’ll be here if you want’. I wanted to explore this crushing feeling in my music, cause that’s something I hadn’t done before. So it’s, yeah, it’s quite sad. But I love that combo of sad and mixed feelings and like, go dance and cry it out!

Rear View‘ is out now on all platforms.