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Let us introduce you to the incredibly talented Monika Engeseth aka “Moyka” from Norway. As a music production student Moyka dived into the synth world to eventually create her own “mystical synth-driven universe”.

On her first singles “Colder” and “Bones” we are able to dive into Moyka’s universe and we are loving it. Both songs are synth-pop perfection! Her icy vocals are surrounded by beautiful synths and pulsating beats.

Scandinavia has been providing us with amazing electronic music and Moyka is no exception. The talented 21 year-old singer fits perfectly among artists like Röyksopp, Aurora, Robyn and Susanne Sundfør.

We are having “Colder” on repeat non-stop. Can’t wait to hear what else Moyka is going to bring us. Check out “Colder” and “Bones” below: