Jadu Heart unveil stunning new single “Burning Hour”

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You are currently viewing Jadu Heart unveil stunning new single “Burning Hour”

Jadu Heart is unstoppable when it comes to delivering great new music every month or so. After last months “Caroline“, and before, the brilliant “Walk The Line“, the electronic duo shares one of their most beautiful songs yet! New single “Burning Hour” is taken from Jadu Heart’s upcoming album “Hyper Romance“.

British duo Jadu Heart has changed quite a lot since their great debut album “Melt Away” last year, ditching the alter-ego’s, masks and heavy electronics. It seems they’ve truly found their unique sound and we love how every song released so far has it’s own unique touch. Jadu Heart effortlesly blends different universes and soundscapes into their own beautiful world. New single “Burning Hour” is besides “Walk The Line” probably one of our favourites so far. We truly can’t wait to hear all these magnificent singles together as a body of work on “Hyper Romance“.

Be sure to give the duo’s directed video in collaboration with Dave Monis a watch below. It sees Jadu Heart take on some mythical forest, Blair Witch-style! New album “Hyper Romance” is out September 25th.