Gretel Hänlyn shares new single ‘Cry Me A River’

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Photo: Andrin Fretz

One of our favourites and rising star, Gretel Hänlyn, has just dropped her brand new single ‘Cry Me A River’. The new track follows her previously shared single ‘War With America’ and Gretel’s second EP ‘Head of the Love Club’ released earlier this year.

Gretel Hänlyn continues to shine as a brilliant songwriter with an ever-evolving sound, and her latest release, ‘Cry Me A River’ is no exception. Produced by her long-term collaborator and friend, Mura Masa, the duo once again delivers a stunning piece of music that we absolutely adore. Gretel’s breathtaking vocal range leaves us in awe, and we just can’t get enough of her! Fingers crossed for another EP release since both ‘Head of the Love Club’ and ‘Slugeye’ have been pure perfection.

“Cry me a river is about when you’ve been happy but suddenly you notice negative feelings creeping back into your life and you’re like ‘oh here we go, hello darkness my old friend’. Meanwhile people ask ‘how are you’ which is like stepping on someone’s iced-over river of emotions and wondering ‘will it crack and show me the truth in the currents underneath the surface or will they just say they’re fine and leave the ice unbroken’. It’s usually best to leave it unbroken, people don’t often want to know exactly how you are, there’s too much to know. Anyway, it happens to everyone, cry me a bloody river. The idea started before my trip to LA and I ended it on my return back to London where depression met me at the Heathrow airport. I was stumped on how to write the chorus but I knew it needed to go somewhere new, somewhere challenging. Alex (Mura Masa, who I often view as the second half of the project) told me to ‘think outside the box’.”

Cry Me A River‘ is out now on all platforms via VLF Records.