Gretel Hänlyn releases ‘Head Of The Love Club’ EP, shares new single ‘King Of Nothing’

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One of our favourite discoveries of last year, Gretel Hänlyn, has just released her highly-anticipated second EP ‘Head Of The Love Club’. Together with the EP release the powerhouse artist has also shared the energetic focus single ‘King Of Nothing’. The new EP also includes the previous released singles ‘Drive’, ‘Today (Can’t Help but Cry) and ‘Wiggy’.

Over the past year Gretel Hänlyn has been making a name for herself as one of the most exciting new artists. Her unique vocals, songwriting skills and ability to express herself in an eclectic mix of genres make her an absolute force to be reckoned with. Just like her debut EP ‘Slugeye’, the sophomore EP also sees Gretel Hänlyn dive through a mixture of grunge, goth-pop, alternative pop and a strong nod to 90s alternative music. We can’t mention it enough but Gretel Hänlyn is an absolute rising star and deserves all your attention.

About the new EP she says:

”When I wrote my first EP, Slugeye, I hadn’t done any live shows, I was 18 and learning as I went and you can hear that on the record which is what I love about it. But with Head Of The Love Club, I had a vision of what I knew I wanted to hear from myself, I wrote it as I’d want to hear it as a listener and audience member. I always crave that moment when an artist says something, no matter how simple, that kicks you in the tummy because you completely understand it. The new approach was difficult because it coincided with a time where my heart was very heavy – I was outraged and ended up having some of the most cathartic moments of my life upon listening back and finishing the record. It feels so gothic and kinda frightening at times, and then so funny and tongue in cheek the next moment – the full spectrum of the emotions of a 20 year old woman.”

Be sure to check out “King Of Nothing” and the rest of the ‘Head Of The Love Club‘ EP now below.