Gretel Hänlyn returns with banging new single “Drive”

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Rising artist Gretel Hänlyn returns with her brand new single “Drive”. The song marks the musician’s first new release since her brilliant debut EP “Slugeye” released earlier this year.

There’s no doubt that we think Gretel Hänlyn is one of the most talented and exciting new artists out there. Every song the nineteen year old has released so far is unique in their own way and new single “Drive” is probably her most commanding track so far. It’s an absolute smash! Think of an early 00s electro banger with touches of alternative and rock music blending into one hell of an infectious song. It’s a completely different sound for Gretel Hänlyn but it shows how she effortlesly flows between genres and owns them. About the new single she says:

I feel so excited by what I’m doing right now musically which I’m taking as a really good sign that I’m doing the right thing and I feel like I’m getting closer and closer in my musical self discovery with each track. I also love how I’m utilising my femininity and then total neutralness in my music, girly creepy singing behind totally genderless music. I’ve been really getting into lyricism as well, again not restraining myself and allowing myself to say things that before I’d perhaps think twice about or think was uncool.”

We are extremely excited to see what else Gretel has in store for us but until then we will be having “Drive” on repeat!

Drive” is out now on all platforms via VLF Records.