Fluqx drops last single “Here” from their upcoming “Monolith” LP

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You are currently viewing Fluqx drops last single “Here” from their upcoming “Monolith” LP

Copenhagen-based Fluqx returns with another magnificent new single! This time the thrilling new duo shares opening track “Here” from their anticipated debut album “Monolith“.

We instantly knew we were up for something special when we heard first single “Vanishing Point“, followed by the infectious “Staring At The Sun“. Fluqx creates unique electronic soundscapes that instantly make us want to escape to their beautifully crafted universe. New single “Here” is no exception to it and probably the best thing we’ve heard from the duo so far. It all starts with that shivering and hypnotic synth followed by Brian Della Valle’s soothing vocals. This is a brilliant piece of indietronica that deserves all your attention!

Debut album “Monolith” is out March 6th via hfn music! Listen to “Here” now below: