Blaue Blume share beautiful new single ‘Mood’

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Copenhagen-trio Blaue Blume keeps on blessing us with new music! Last year, saw the band return with ‘Country’ and earlier this month they shared ‘Crush’. Now, Jonas Smith, Søren Buhl Lassen and Buster Jensen gives us another new song with ‘Mood’ and it’s beautiful!

Blaue Blume’s new single is a stunning ballad filled with heartfelt vocals and emotive lyrics. The sweeping vocals keep pushing till the climax of the song. We probably mention this often but Blaue Blume is such an underrated band and they deserve to be heard by many. The voice of Jonas gives us chills everytime we hear it and the production is just incredibly good. All three songs released so far have been stellar as always and we are hoping there’s an album announcement coming soon. The new song comes with an equally beautiful music video in black and white which you can watch below.

About the new single singer Jonas Schmidt says:

“Sitting at the breakfast table with your loved ones and trying to hide the anxiety attack that twists in you – you should just be open about it, everyone says that, but can you really do that to them? Who do you think You Are?You are tired of talking about these kinds of feelings, you are so tired of hearing about them, everyone’s feelings – but they are there, those feelings, and they fill a lot of people’s minds these days. They still occupy a lot of space in you – you still ask yourself why, but you don’t get the answer – it will just always be like that. Maybe you should keep it inside, deal with it yourself, don’t let others worry about you – eat your breakfast, look up, smile at them..”

Mood‘ is out now via hfn music.