Youth Lagoon shares new single ‘Prizefighter’

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Trevor Powers aka Youth Lagoon is shares another taste of his highly anticipated new album ‘Heaven Is A Junkyard’ with new single ‘Prizefighter’. The new record will also feature last month’s brilliant single ‘Idaho Alien’.

New single ‘Prizefighter’ showcases Youth Lagoon’s unique blend of dreamy soundscapes and introspective lyrics. It’s also a super infectious song, once the chorus hits we’re sure it will be easily stuck in your head. Youth Lagoon once again shows his skills as a stellar songwriter and producer and we just can’t get enough of his soothing vocals and ethereal melodies. Be sure to give the beautiful music video by Tyler T. Williams a watch below as well.

About the new single Youth Lagoon says:

4 years ago, I started writing a song about brothers. I grew up with 3 of them, so our house was doomsday but with more sugar cereal. Our love was strong and so was our barbarity. It was real joy — the kind you didn’t have to look for cuz it smacked you in the face or pushed you off the bed into a file cabinet. Beyond that, we were homeschooled. 4 weirdos home all day who adored each other and hated each other and played baseball everyday in the backyard and threw rocks at each other’s heads and laughed ’till we threw up. Our bond is forever. That song I started those years ago meant too much to me to finish. I was scared of it. Scared of not making it great… so I tabled it.

A couple weeks before leaving to make the record, I went through some old voice memos while watching a VHS of Drugstore Cowboy. I listened to that 30-second sketch called ‘Prizefighter.’ It was like an angel fell from the sky to tell me how to finish it. ‘Don’t make it great,’ she said. ‘Make it true.’ I finished the song in 2 days.

‘Prizefighter’ is out now on all platforms. ‘Heaven Is A Junkyard‘ arrives June 9th via Fat Possum.