Woodkid unveils grand new single “Pale Yellow”

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French musician, producer and director Woodkid is gearing up for a new album release later this year. Around one month ago Yoann Lemoine made his big return with his first new music in 7 years. Surprising us with the impressive and cinematic single “Goliath“. Now it’s time for a second single with “Pale Yellow“.

Woodkid is delivering once again an impressively stunning soundscape. It’s a perfect continuation of his old sound and the industrial vibe of “Goliath”. Complex in its production, yet incredibly instant as well. Thanks to the massive percussion and his beautiful vocals. “Pale Yellow” reminds us of a male counterpart to some of Sevdaliza’s music. Hopefully one day we will see these incredibly talented artists collaborate together. Which would probably end up being totally mind blowing!

These first two single releases are looking extremely promising and a worthy follow-up to “The Golden Age“. We truly can’t wait and hope the album is announced soon!