Westerman returns with melancholic new single “Blue Comanche”

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After releasing his debut EP “Ark” in 2018, it has been a bit quiet regarding Westerman. Luckily, last year we got a little taste of new music with “Kathy’s Song“. A reworked version of the Simon & Garfunkel classic for Bullion’s latest “4 Down” record. Today, the British artist surprises us with a brand new single “Blue Comanche“. The artist also signed to Partisan Records, which hopefully means a lot more music is on its way!

With “Blue Comanche“, Westerman once again creates a melancholic and dreamy soundscape. Contemplating about environmental loss as a consequence of modernization. The singer’s lush vocals are backed by gorgeous synths and guitars created together with Bullion. Both seems to bring out the best in each other and we can only hope to hear more collaborations from these two! Check it out below!