T.O.L.D. shares new single ‘Decisions’

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T.O.L.D. is the LA-based artist responsible for one of our favourite 2014 releases with ‘In Low Light‘ and ‘Lucifer Eyes‘. We kinda lost track of T.O.L.D. over the years, but we are so excited to see he is still making amazing music. Hearing his new single instantly made us fall in love with the singer like it’s 2014 all over again!

On his new single ‘Decisions‘ the artist sings about anxiety. About the track T.O.L.D. says he thinks that the real cause of anxiety is the pressure to always make the right choices. Next to this he shared ‘I just want to make pretty songs and cuddle‘. Well we are definitely up to more cuddling to the melancholic sounds of T.O.L.D.

Listen to ‘Decisions‘ now below!