Still Corners unveil new single “Far Rider”

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Tessa Murray and Greg Hughes aka Still Corners unveil a brand new single called “Far Rider“. The new single comes ahead of their upcoming 2022 tour. Last year the duo returned to release their brilliant latest record “The Last Exit“.

On their new single Still Corners delivers once again what they do best. A stunning soundtrack perfect for warm and sunny days or a late night drive. The seven-minute epic piece sees Tessa’s lush and crooning vocals against a thrilling production that gradually changes into beautiful soundscape. We just want to close our eyes and slowly drift of while listening to “Far Ride”.

About the new song Tessa says: “This song is about leaving, lost love and finding yourself somewhere on the journey, really it’s about redemption. I recently drove 6000 miles across the southwest to feel the sun on my face and think. We used the dreamlike nature of the song to capture the landscape and a hypnotic feel to conjure up the long and lonely travel days.”

Still Corners’ new song “Far Rider” is out now on all platforms. Check out the duo’s full tour schedule here.