LIZ returns with 90s inspired dance smash ‘BTR 2GTHR’

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American artist LIZ is back with a huge new banger called ‘BTR 2GTHR‘. The new track is co-written by Kim Petras and is a big homage to 90s. The sugary break-up anthem was inspired by Germany’s Scooter and his hit song Nessaja.

LIZ is on a roll when it comes to creating amazing music. However ‘BTR 2GTHR‘ might be the best thing she has done yet. The bubblegum-pop artist draws a lot of inspiration from the 90s / early 00s in her visuals and music. Being a 90s kid ourselves, we are totally loving the aesthetic and sound of LIZ. It’s great to hear the music we grew up, and fell in love with, back today in 2019. Pump up the volume and get ready to dance to her latest melancholic and ravey new single!

Listen below: