SOFY shares new single ‘supermarket’

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Let us introduce you to UK musician SOFY and her infectious new single ‘supermarket’. The new song follows the rising talent’s previous 2023 single ‘socks’ released last month.

While ‘supermarket’ starts as a soft and subtle singer-songwriter track, SOFY quickly surprises us and actually offers one hell of a rollercoaster once the beats kick in. ‘supermarket’ takes you on a thrilling journey from beginning till end with catchy melodies, a soaring chorus and some heavy pop-rock guitars. This is a perfect slice of indie-pop music and the perfect dose of British pop that we adore. We are absolutely loving the sound of this and can’t wait to hear what else this talented artist has in store for us. You better keep an eye on SOFY because we are sure she’s meant for big things!

About the new single she says:

‘supermarket’ is probably my favourite song on this project, there’s something really special about it for me. It’s about that sick to your stomach, spinning out of control, full body feeling you get when you realise the door of a relationship is closed for good, and how someone’s new beginnings mark something else’s ending-‘you’ve got your head on her shoulder, guess it’s finally over’. It starts off soft and feels almost like a lullaby in the first verse with the wurlitzers and acoustic guitar, but then it opens up into this soaring chorus and post before finishing super softly and intimately again. It sounds proper cliche but I really feel like the journey of the track fully encompasses all the spectrum of emotions that you feel when something ends-sadness to desperation to frustration and then finally to closure.”

supermarket’ is out now on all platforms via Chess Club Records.