SOFY shares ‘Yoyo’ music video from new mixtape ‘Chaos & Commotion’

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SOFY, one of our favourite newcomers in the world of alternative pop continues to captivate us with her ever-evolving sound. Today, she released the highly anticipated mixtape ‘Chaos & Commotion’, which is a heartfelt reflection of the tumultuous journey the musician has experienced over the past year and a half. The mixtape includes previous singles ‘socks’, ‘supermarket’ and ‘WET PAINT’ and lead single ‘Yoyo’ which comes with a fun music video directed by Roisino.

SOFY’s lead single ‘Yoyo’ serves as a captivating introduction to her dynamic musical style. Departing from her earlier sweet-sounding pop tunes, the opening track seamlessly blends hard-hitting fuzzy guitars with an anthemic chorus, hinting at the mixtape’s diverse sonic journey. Further on the mixtape she effortlesly glides between genres and offers a unique experience with each track showcasing her strong versatility. ‘Chaos & Commotion’ is a new chapter in SOFY’s music career and we are big fans. We can’t wait to see and hear what else she has in store for us!

About Chaos & Commotion SOFY says:

Each song expresses a different part of me and the rollercoaster period of time that this record represents; falling in love one moment and out of love the next, going from feeling like I’m on top of the world to feeling like the world is moving without me, frustration and hope and anger and humour. I’ve lived, breathed and been totally engrossed in this world for the last year, so I just hope everyone straps in and enjoys the ride with me.”

About the lead single YoYo’ she expands:

“It definitely feels like an evolution of my sound, so I immediately wanted it to be Track 1 on the mixtape because it’s a bit of a statement – “welcome to the chaos and commotion era, keep your arms and legs inside the ride and please fasten your seatbelts!!”

Chaos & Commotion‘ is out now on all platforms via Chess Club Records.