Nation Of Language deliver new single “Wounds of Love”

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One of our favourite bands, Nation Of Language is back with the second single of their forthcoming album “A Way Forward“. After returning last month with “Across That Fine Line“, the trio from Brooklyn now shares the stunning “Wounds of Love“.

New single “Wounds of Love” is once again a stellar track from Nation Of Language. Slowing things down a bit and delivering a heartfelt track about the end of a relationship. We never seem to get enough of Ian’s vocals and especially on this new one they are just stunning against the subtle synth production. About the song Ian says:

Wounds of Love’ is a song about getting caught in a mental feedback loop when a relationship ends. It’s an endless inner argument – wanting to move on defiantly, but feeling utterly lost about how to do it when the other person has informed so much about how you see yourself. For every bit of progress there’s just as much retreating, and eventually it seems like this back-and-forth becomes the new root of your identity – still tied to the same person, just without them actually being there.”

Only downside of “Wounds of Love” is that it’s too short for our liking. We could be listening to this stunning track for hours. We’ll just have to put it on repeat while waiting for the band’s new album impatiently! The band will also be heading on tour through the USA this year and Europe / UK in 2021. Check here for tickets. We can’t wait!

Wounds of Love” is out now on all platforms. Nation Of Language’s new album “A Way Forward” arrives November 5th.