Melllo shares first solo single “Coming Home”

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Let us introduce you to Melllo aka Marianthi Melitsi. The London-based singer is new to our ears, but not new to creating music. You might know her as one half of the Greek synthpop duo Marsheaux. Probably best known for their lush Billy Odiol cover “Eyes Without A Face” featured on the Drive Soundtrack.

One month ago, Melllo shared two new collaborations with Nikonn. But, on her latest single “Coming Home“, Marianthi seems ready to do it all on her own! “Coming Home” instantly made us fall in love with Melllo. The infectious indie-pop banger just makes us want to put our headphones on and run through the streets. It has a melancholic, yet uplifting feel to it. We just want to run or dance and scream a long to the track’s lyrics!