Malla unveils new single “Sade”

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Back in 2020 we first got introduced to Finnish musician Malla and her great single “Samaan Huoneeseen”. This was followed by a bunch of singles and her stellar self-titled debut album. Luckily we didn’t have to wait long for new Malla music! Last month she unveiled a brand new track “Ollaan jossain kiinni” and now it’s time for a second single titled “Sade“.

Every song Malla has released so far is a straight up banger and consistently high quality electronic dance music. We already mentioned before but fans of Róisín Murphy’s latest record will absolutely adore this sound. New single “Sade” is once again a track ready for the dancefloor. Malla’s vocals against the hard-hitting beats create a perfect blend between pop and dance music. Both new songs that are recently shared are taken from her sophomore album, which hopefully arrives soon!

Sade” is out now on all platforms via Solina Records.