Malla shares Finnish synth-pop single “Samaan Huoneeseen”

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You are currently viewing Malla shares Finnish synth-pop single “Samaan Huoneeseen”

Let us introduce you to Helsinki-based artist Malla Malmivaaran aka Malla. Known in her home country mostly as an actress, but she’s also a great musician! She debuted last year with her single “XOXO” and shared “Sabrina” as a follow-up.

On new single “Samaan huoneeseen” Malla returns with an incredible infectious synth-pop track. Even though we can’t understand the lyrics, we’re still loving the melancholic disco vibe of the song. Malla’s sweet, yet icy vocals blend perfect with the danceable electronic sounds.

We can never get enough of Scandi-pop and we’re so glad we discovered Malla. Fans of ionnalee will love this for sure! The new single is out now via the great Solina Records.