Kraków Loves Adana shares new album ‘Oceanflower’ and ‘Love Love Love’ music video

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Kraków Loves Adana released her new album titled ‘Oceanflower’ yesterday on Valentine’s Day. To celebrate the release of her seventh studio album she also shared a music video for the record’s focus single ‘Love Love Love’.

We love the fact that Kraków Loves Adana always gives us more music and keeps surprising us with beautiful and melancholic soundscapes. The new album features the previous single ‘Hiding In My Room’, a more introspective track while the new focus single is quite uplifting and infectious. About ‘Love Love Love’, Deniz says:

“‘Love Love Love’ reflects the universal longing for interpersonal interaction and love in times of isolation and crisis. It is always said that one must first love oneself in order to find or even deserve true love. I totally disagree with this principle. Especially in times of personal crisis, the support of others is all the more important.”

Deniz Çiçek has outdone her self once again on the new record, which is actually named after her Turkish birth name and translates to ‘Ocean Flower’. Be sure to give the new album a listen below which also features former Chromatics members Ruth Radelet, Adam Miller and Nat Walker.

Oceanflower‘ is out now.