MOTHERMARY debut with “Catch Fire” on Italians Do It Better

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Johnny Jewel’s record label Italians Do It Better, is literally on fire when it comes to signing brilliant new artist and releasing great new music! After giving us Pink Gloves, Krakow Loves Adana and ORION it’s now time for another great new act. Let us introduce you to twin sisters Larena & Elyse aka MOTHERMARY.

Last year the sisters shared a great rendition of Aqua’s classic “Barbie Girl” for CR Fashion Book. Luckily that wasn’t the last we were going to hear from MOTHERMARY. On their new single “Catch Fire” the sisters take their art pop sound to the next level. Sultry sung verses erupt into a massive throbbing electro chorus. We are loving the girl’s aesthetic and with quality music like this, we’re sure they’re heading for big things. We can’t wait to hear more! Be sure to watch the duo’s video for “Catch Fire” below: