Jane Penny shares new single ‘Beautiful Ordinary’

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Photo: Kirk Lisaj

TOPS’ Jane Penny is releasing her eagerly anticipated debut solo EP ‘Surfacing’ later this week. Before the EP drops on Friday the Montreal-based musician gives one final taste with new single ‘Beautiful Ordinary’. Besides the new song and previosly shared singles ‘Messages‘ and ‘Wear You Out‘, the upcoming EP will feature another 3 brand new tracks.

Jane Penny is once more delivering a stunning piece of nostalgic indie-pop. Her sweet and lush vocals glide against a shimmering production that is utterly dreamy and melancholic. We’ve been under the spell of Jane Penny’s solo work and truly can’t wait to hear the upcoming EP in full this Friday! About the new single she says:

“This song is about being afraid to lose someone that you love,” Penny explained in a press release. “When I listen to it now it sounds like an anthem for codependency. At that time I thought that the more afraid you are to lose someone, the stronger your love was. I’ve come to see those fears in a different way, but I know they were very real emotions. I love dark 80s music, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys etc., and I thought that 80s vibe suited a song about such angsty juvenile feelings.”

‘Beautiful Ordinary’ is out now. ‘Surfacing‘ arrives April 5th via Luminelle Recordings.