Introducing The Know and their dreamy debut single “143”

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Let us introduce you to The Know, an exciting new dream pop / shoegaze duo in town! The duo consists of husband and wife Daniel Knowles and Jennifer Farmer. Who started to create music last year together as a Christmas gift to each other. How romantic is that!

The Know’s first single “143” sounds like an instant classic. Just when the song starts playing you know you’re in for a dreamy and melancholic treat. A sound we absolutely adore if done properly and The Know definitely does it justice. “143” would be the perfect soundtrack for a new David Lynch movie!

The video direct by Jennifer Farmer herself, is also full of beautiful visuals. Lifting the song to even higher levels. Both the song and video have this magical feeling about it. A feeling were you just want to close your eyes and get lost in the dreamy sounds of The Know.