EXROYALE latest single “Drive” is dream pop perfection

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You are currently viewing EXROYALE latest single “Drive” is dream pop perfection

EXROYALE is the project of Portland-based producer Josh Schroeber and after a 3-year hiatus the artist is back! New single “Drive” is the follow-up to this previously released single “Ocean Of Space“. These new songs sees EXROYALE sharing some of the finest dream pop tracks currently out there! The sound of Josh Schroeber is probably best described as a mix of Beach House and Slowdive.

On his fittingly titled new track “Drive“, EXROYALE creates the perfect soundtrack for a late night drive. Just imagine dark city lights and autumn leaves slowly falling. Or listen to this track at home with your headphones on and dream away to the lush guitars and hazy vocals.
Either way, we’re sure listening to “Drive” will make all your thoughts and worries disappear.

Listen now below!