Gretel Hänlyn returns with new single ‘War With America’

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Photo: Will Reid

London-based Gretel Hänlyn is back with brand new music! She just unveiled her infectious new single ‘War With America’. Alongside the new music, Gretel will also be embarking on her debut international tour next month, with headlining dates in Europe and North America.

We’ve been following Gretel since her debut single and ever since we’ve been fed with countless brilliant songs and even two EPs. The rising star keeps impressing us and building on her own unique soundscape at just 21 years old. New single ‘War With America’ is once again a stunner with captivating storytelling thanks to Gretel’s great lyrical skills. We are loving the nostalgic and melancholic guitars that turn this into quite an infectious tune. We’ll be looking forward to hear more of Gretel this year and can’t wait to see her live!

About the new single she says:

“’War With America’ is about my trip to LA this year. I was 20, had never been away from home and went away for 6 weeks to stay with friends and write music out there. My friends knew everyone and were older and more mature, they had different and luxurious ways of living and impressive knowledge on niche subjects. There were sneaky secrets and hidden agendas out there and I was surprised at how awfully out of place and alone I felt. It was like being in high school, desperately wishing I could just be part of the cool kids herd. I knew I wanted to belt the chorus, after so many suffocating and internalising social interactions I just needed to be able to scream something out.”

War With America‘ is out now on all platforms via VLF Records. Check here for Gretel Hänlyn’s tour dates.