Discovery Zone returns with “Pattern Recognition”

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Berlin-based artist JJ Weihl aka Discovery Zone is back with a brand new single and music video “Pattern Recognition“. The new single marks the first release of Discovery Zone this year and since her brilliant debut album “Remote Control” from 2020.

On her new single “Pattern Recognition”, JJ Weihl is taking us on a nocturnal journey with spoken words that sounds different from anything she has shared so far. We are loving the mysteriousness and how the lyrics just float against a mellow and laidback beat. She’s really taking us to another dimension on this one and it’s perfect to just close your eyes and fully give in to the music.

About the new single Discovery Zone mentions: “The best way I can describe it is as a documentation of a conversation I had with a form of intelligence that appeared as a light inside my chest. The boundary between who or what was asking or answering the questions was blurred. Hearing this conversation felt like tuning to a frequency that was paradoxically out of my body and deep within it.

It’s great to have Discovery Zone back and we are loving this new direction. Fingers crossed this is the first taster of more new music this year! Be sure to check out the visuals created by Damien Granier below.

Pattern Recognition” is out now on all platforms via Mansions & Millions.