Christine and the Queens returns with ‘rentrer chez moi’

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Photo: Eloïse Labarbe-Lafon

Christine and the Queens returns with his new single ‘rentrer chez moi’. It’s his first new music since last year’s groundbreaking album ‘PARANOÏA, ANGELS, TRUE LOVE’. The new single is written, composed and produced by Chris and comes with a stunning music video directed by Sasha Mongin.

Chris steals our heart with every new release and ‘rentrer chez moi’ is another beautiful song created by the talented musician. He always knows how to pull our heartstrings and the heartfelt French-sung track is another stunner in his ever-growing catalogue of brilliant music.

About the single he shares:

This song makes me cry because it is true, so much love I have for you, this deep decision to always stay honest – for the dance to be then the shared moment, the joyful celebration. One moment together. A wholesome surrender. One love, from one to the next, before I danced for this video I listened to Barbara
I remember
Her dancing in the living room, her approach of movement
A celebration,
A sharing
A dance that would express the inside of you, as poem

rentrer chez moi‘ is out now on all platforms via Because Music.