ÄTNA slows it down on personal ballad “Try”

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After sharing EASTER’s new track today, we have another German-duo returning with a new single! ÄTNA, the musical project consisting of singer and multi-instrumentalist Inéz and drummer Demian share “Try“, the second single of their upcoming debut LP.

ÄTNA, responsible for one of our favourite and most addictive tracks of this year with “Ruining My Brain” does a complete 180 on their latest single “Try“. While their first single was a heavy upbeat track, with influences of hardcore, their second single is an emotional and powerful piano-driven ballad. ÄTNA still keeps their personal touch to the track with an explosive and powerful end of the song. Both singles shows the duo’s impressive talent and versatile style. We can’t wait to hear what else they have in store for us!  

Listen now below!