VIDEO: Vendredi Sur Mer – Chewing Gum

One of our favourite discoveries this year is Vendredi Sur Mer. Originally from Switerzland, but artist Charline Mignot moved to Paris and created Vendredi Sur Mer.

The singer released an amazing album earlier this year, which we are still …


Agnes – I Trance

Remember Agnes? The Swedish pop star had a huge hit in 2008 with her song ‘Release Me‘. After all the success it took the singer 7 years to come back. Now it’s 2019 and Agnes is back …


Mindchatter – Kerosene

We are so happy to have stumbled upon upcoming artist Mindchatter today! Although there is not much to find about the person behind Mindchatter, we guess the artist wants to let the music speak for itself. Which he rightfully does …