We Are Revolution debut with “Saved By Animals”

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Mysterious newcomers We Are Revolution arrive with their stunning debut single “Saved By Animals“. The Swedish duo consists of Dminor and Falcon Chest and they are planning to release their first record in the fall of 2020 via Labrador.

Although there’s not much information to be found about this interesting new project. One thing we do know is that We Are Revolution are big lovers of electronic music. The duo delved into their parents record collection and explored many record stores in their hometown. As a result they they created an eclectic mix of electronic pop music. Well, they definitely did their research properly since their first single “Saved By Animals” is a stunning piece of dream pop. The track starts rather softly with lush and airy vocals, to burst out in an extremely infectious chorus.

Even though the lyrical content and video feel sometimes a bit bleak, the melodies and song’s production still give it a hopeful touch. Just close your eyes and listen to “Saved By Animals“. We’re sure you will be floating on a big cloud and slowly let your mind drift.