Yndling shares new single ‘Once or Twice’

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Norwegian artist Yndling returns with her first new music of 2023. She shares today a brand new song titled ‘Once or Twice’ which follows her self-titled debut EP released last year.

Yndling has been on our radar for a while now and her new song ‘Once or Twice’ is absolutely brilliant. While the song starts soft and dreamy, it has an explosive chorus that hits you hard. It’s indiepop at its best and all carried by Yndling’s distinctive vocals that we can’t get enough of. Yndling is currently getting ready for her debut album later this year and ‘Once Or Twice’ actually didn’t make the final cut. We are curious to hear what else she has in store for us since this is our favourite Yndling song so far! We’re probably in for a treat!

About the new song she says:

“Once or Twice is kinda pondering about how much space and fulfillment you should get out of a relationship. We’re sold the idea by like the whole society that with the right partner “everything will fall into place” in life and if you don’t feel that way there must be something wrong with you or your relationship – but that really isn’t always the case. I guess it’s kinda about realizing you still have to take responsibility for your own happiness and dreams”

Once or Twice’ is out now on all platforms via