Ursa Major Revelation share new single ‘Widow’s Glow’

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Let us introduce you to Ursa Major Revelation, an exciting new indiepop duo that is led by the talented songwriter and vocalist Ursula Rose alongside guitarist Dylan Rau from Bear Hands. Together they have just revealed their latest single ‘Widow’s Glow’, following ‘Tar Pits’ and ‘Big Baby’.

Collectively, the three singles form the duo’s debut EP and represent a poignant revelation in Ursula’s life, where her journey can be traced through the men she has loved. Each track serves as a vivid chapter, narrating three distinct loves in her life. The focus single, ‘Widow’s Glow’, is a heartfelt tribute to one of the great loves of her life, as Ursula expresses the following:

“The Odyssey is an ancient epic poem about this one warrior dude and his insane journey (saga) trying to return home after fighting a war a million miles away. The trip ended up taking him 10 years and everything that could go wrong did but eventually he made it home. His life was forever changed and he was never the same. This happened to me when the love of my life, Evan Scofield, literally died in my arms when we were 25 years old. He was majorly sick with cancer for 2 years and I was his main caretaker. His amazing family supported us throughout that time but as you can imagine this experience changed me forever. Even though I wasn’t the sick one, after he died I felt like I had just survived the most dangerous journey of my life. I was never the same. I swear that my face was permanently changed from all of the deep crying I did during that time. People at his funeral kept telling me how beautiful I looked.

This song is obviously about that 2 year period fighting by his side but it’s also about this huge beautiful glowing light that exploded out of my broken heart once he died. No one ever talks about the beauty of grief, how raw and open and wise it can make you, like a superpower. When Dylan and I sat down to write this song together, it felt like he was meeting my past self, it felt like time traveling. It’s painful to listen to now but this story is a permanent part of my identity and you can’t know me without knowing Evan.”

Be sure to give the music video directed by Laser Days Studio a watch below.

Big Baby’ EP is out now on all platforms via Rockasaurus Records.