UCHE YARA unveils exciting debut single ‘www she hot’

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You are currently viewing UCHE YARA unveils exciting debut single ‘www she hot’

Let us introduce you to rising new talent UCHE YARA. The Berlin-based multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter has just unveiled her impressive debut single ‘www she hot’.

Without having released any music before, UCHE YARA has been making a name for herself performing extensively the last year including as an opener for Bilderbuch and Parcels. Now it’s finally time to unleash her music into the world and her thrilling debut single is extremely impressive! There’s never a dull moment on ‘www she hot’ and it’s one hell of a debut single. The song dives into all sorts of different genres, while overall still offering an infectious alternative pop song. UCHE YARA truly delivers it al, from brilliant and ever changing vocals, strong songwriting and a thrilling production. We are truly mesmerized and can’t wait to see what this talented artist does next! Check out the music video directed by Florin Elbel below.

‘www she hot’ is out now on all platforms via goldendays FM.