Two People unveil euphoric new single “A Taste”

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You are currently viewing Two People unveil euphoric new single “A Taste”

Melbourne-duo Two People surprised us last year with their groovy new single “Dream Steppin“. The song came only a few months after the band dropped their brilliant debut album “First Body“. A record which featured one of our all-time favourite songs “I’m Tied, To You“. It seems the duo is slowly shaping up for their sophomore album and today they offered its new single “A Taste“.

On their new single Phoebe Lou and Joey Clough team up once again with Kllo’s Simon Lam. Two People further develop their stunning electronic soundscape all backed by Phoebe’s hazy and dreamy vocals. “A Taste” is a thrilling song that slowly builds into euphoria and leaves you wanting more. If these two singles are anything to go by, we are in for an extraordinary record! We can’t wait!

A Taste” is out now via Liberation Records / Terrible Records.