The Parade share debut single ‘I’m a Dreamer’

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Let us introduce you to Swedish newcomers The Parade. The new band is hailing from Stockholm and today they unveil their infectious debut single ‘I’m a Dreamer’.

The Parade is transporting us back into the world of 90s indiepop on their debut single ‘I’m a Dreamer’ and we can’t get enough of it. The band’s single comes just in time for summer and it’s the perfect summer soundtrack thanks to it’s catchy melodies against a sunny and dreamy production. If you are a fan of Saint Etienne you will surely love this one! We are happy to have discovered this gem and can’t wait to see what else this exciting band has in store for us. About the single The Parade says:

“The track serves as an homage to a time when music magazines were treasured possessions and record shops were cherished sanctuaries for teenage dreamers. We wanted something that seamlessly blends catchy hooks, lush arrangements, and heartfelt lyrics. The song will hopefully transport listeners to a world of youthful optimism and boundless dreams, inviting them to embrace their own aspirations and celebrate the joy of music discovery.”

I’m a Dreamer‘ is out now on all platforms via Dumont Dumont.