Sudan Archives reworks Martin Kohlstedt’s “AUHEJA”

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You are currently viewing Sudan Archives reworks Martin Kohlstedt’s “AUHEJA”

About three months ago German experimental pianist Martin Kohlstedt surprised us by releasing a collaboration with fellow Germans ÄTNA. The duo re-worked the piano-driven “KSYCHA” and flipped it upside down into a massive electropop banger. Now it’s time for another unique collaboration from his new project “RECURRENTS“. This time it’s none other than Sudan Archives who re-imagines Martin’s piece “AUHEJA“.

Martin Kohlstedt and Sudan Archives working together is a collaboration we could’ve never thought of. However, it’s the best of two worlds beautifully colliding. With both artists having a background in classical music, it’s a perfect match. Both musicians are known to effortlesly transport their classical music into modern-day electronic music. With “AUHEJA” Sudan Archives adds her delicious vocals, a new beat and signature violin loops. Transforming it into a jam that we can’t get enough of!

AUHEJA” is out now on all platforms, check it out below!