Sharaya Summers shares melancholic new single “Agendas”

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Let us introduce you to Sharaya Summers and her stunning new single “Agendas“! The American singer-songwriter has been sharing songs for over 3 years now. Luckily, it’s never too late to discover great new music and Sharaya’s new single is such a welcome surprise!

After living in LA with her husband and musician Jacob Summers (Avid Dancer), the two swapped Los Angeles for Southern Oregon to start a family. The couple currently has a home studio where they write, record and produce their music. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Well if the music they create together is anything to go by, they are a perfect match to our ears.

From its start “Agendas” totally mesmerizes us. Sharaya’s dreamy vocals shimmer against a background of lush synths and guitars. This sounds like indie-pop perfection to our ears! The song has a nostalgic touch to it, almost sounding like a forgotten classic from the early 90s. We’re glad to have stumbled Sharaya Summers and can’t wait to hear more!