Rebecca & Fiona share banging new single “People Getting Mad”

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You are currently viewing Rebecca & Fiona share banging new single “People Getting Mad”

Swedish duo Rebecca & Fiona are on fire with their latest releases! This year they blessed us with “Heart Skips A Beat” and all-time favourite “Fet House Mode“. Now the duo is dropping another banger with “People Getting Mad“.

Ever since the girls started their own record label Big Romantic Music, it seems the music also got a huge creative boost. Slightly ditching the commercial sound and going full on house music! Rebecca & Fiona are not shying away from any sound or style on “People Getting Mad“. They effortlesly blend delicious synths with touches of infectious dance and house music. Add on top of that their signature sound and hazy vocals and this sounds like a big hit to our ears. With temperatures rising this is the perfect anthem for this summer!

Rebecca & Fiona promise that more house tunes will be out during this year and we truly can’t wait! Until then, listen to their latest smash “People Getting Mad” below.