Ramnäs & Soft Crystals unveil new single ‘Hey’

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You are currently viewing Ramnäs & Soft Crystals unveil new single ‘Hey’
Photo: Robin van Smirren

Back in September we first got introduced to Ramnäs and his collaboration with singer Matthew Morris aka Soft Crystals on single ‘Raver‘. Now it’s time for a second taste of their collaboration with new track ‘Hey’. This is also the second single from the upcoming EP of Ramnäs.

After capturing our hearts with ‘Raver’ in September, they return once again to uplift our spirits during these colder days. The new single, ‘Hey’, features soothing vocals set against a lush and dreamy production. While addressing themes of depression and loneliness, the song simultaneously provides a contrasting yet hopeful atmosphere thanks to its great production. We wouldn’t mind hearing more collaborations between these two talented artists. ‘Raver’ and ‘Hey’ showcases their talent for creating a perfect slice of indiepop.

Hey‘ is out now on all platforms.