pecq share ‘Block The Noise’ from new EP Amnesia’s Ritual’

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Photo credit: Warren Dupuy

Nicholas (Nikò) O’Brien and Hannah (Jakes) Jacobs aka pecq unveil their brand new single and music video ‘Block The Noise’. The song is taken from the London-based duo’s brand new EP ‘Amnesia’s Ritual’ which also features the previously shared singles ‘Left Behind’ and ‘The Analyst’ and is out now!

On their new single ‘Block the Noise’, pecq delves into the intricate complexities of PTSD. The enthralling song takes you on a journey through the cycles of repression, escapism and release. It’s stunning track that really builds to a massive and quite euphoric instrumental end that we can’t get enough of. Be sure to give the full EP a listen below because it’s perfectly showcases pecq’s stellar songwriting, stunning vocals and alternative pop production.

About the EP, Niko says:

‘There’s a unique kind of grief from losing friends so young. It overshadows everything but is chaotic and non-linear. Your perception of time goes crazy and you can’t process things moving forward with someone’s absence. Every milestone becomes a new loss and you feel like you’re living multiple detached realities. These songs surprised us, coming from bursts of emotions, some that we didn’t even realise we were processing – guilt, rage, PTSD, panic, denial, oblivion, acceptance. Some took years, some took hours. All involved crying. At the time we didn’t know it but making these songs seems to have been a turning point in our grief – externalising, sharing and creating starts weaving those fractured realities back together again. It’s a raw record but it’s helped us and we hope it helps someone else.’

Amnesia’s Ritual’ is out now on all platforms via Upcycled Sounds.