Otha returns with club banger “Tired & Sick”

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Norwegian artist Otha arrived out of nowhere last year and received a lot of recognition from blogs and playlist all over the world. And rightfully deserving so! The talented artist arrived on the scene last year with her perfectly crafted electronic sound. “One Of The Girls” and “I’m On Top” are both hypnotic and melancholic dance track catered for the dance floor.

After waiting impatiently for new material, Otha is finally back! On “Tired & Sick” Otha is going for a full on club sound. She seems to be slightly ditching the melancholic vibe of her earlier work, but still keeping that infectious ‘Otha’ sound. The use of repetitive lyrics over pulsating beats turn this new single instantly into a club banger. “Tired & Sick” sees the artist confessing her frustrations about the current state we live in, yet being hopeful singing ‘We gotta clean up this shit’. “Tired & Sick” is the perfect anthem for our generation!

Listen now below: