MS MR release new and final single ‘Saturn Return’

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Photo: Catie Laffoon

New York alternative pop duo MS MR return after their 7 year hiatus with a brand new single ‘Saturn Return’. Sadly, this new release also means their final single and closing the MS MR chapter as a celebration of 10 years of their brilliant debut album ‘Secondhand Rapture’.

MS MR made a big name for themselves all the way back in 2010 with the stunning single ‘Hurricane’, which was not just an indie classic but also turned into a commercial success for the duo. Luckily they give us another glimpse of their magic together with the glistening new single ‘Saturn Return’. Next to the final single release they also share a cover of Harvey Danger’s ‘Flagpole Sitta’. We are sad to see the end of MS MR but at least they are ending on a good note and with a final bang. About the single they say:

“In celebration of the 10 year anniversary of “Secondhand Rapture,” we initially intended to rework something from that record or an old demo from that era. But as we started working, we found ourselves caught up in the joy of reuniting as friends, reveling in the opportunity to share how much we had grown as individuals and artists, and finding an even greater appreciation for what we had created and achieved during our heyday.

Ultimately, it felt more authentic and exciting to create something new that would reflect and celebrate exactly that. It was surprisingly effortless and cathartic to fall back into creative synergy with one another, even after all this time. We found the elements that defined our signature sound remained intact but felt deepened, honed and refreshed by the experience we’ve gained since we started making music together in 2010.

Saturn Return’ is out now on all platforms.