Moli shares new single and music video ‘It’s Not My Fault’

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Berlin-based, Belgium-raised artist Moli shares her brand new single ‘It’s Not My Fault’ accompanied by a brilliant and slick music video directed by Marek Partyš. The new song is the second single released by Moli this year, following ‘Bring on the Rain’.

On her new single Moli is going straight back to the 80s, offering a dreamy electronic pop sound. ‘It’s Not My Fault’ is actually produced by Tom McFarland, better known as one half of JUNGLE. Together they create an extremely infectious song that immerses us from the start into an 80s soundscape. Moli’s soft and soulful vocals perfectly accompany the instrumental and offer a super infectious chorus. We are extremely excited to see what else Moli has in store for us and we are keeping our fingers crossed for more collaborations with Tom.

About the new single Moli says:

“It’s Not My Fault’ is about coming to the realisation that you need to leave something that is bad for you and finally feeling a glimpse of that sense of freedom you were missing after feeling pulled down and heavy for so long. I personally felt like certain romantic situations I was in really weighed me down. They felt very one sided. Always chasing people, putting them on a pedestal and putting so much of myself and emotions into it only to end up feeling like I was never enough for them. I would feel so vulnerable and susceptible to being taken advantage of. I didn’t feel like being my true self was okay as I was so focused on pleasing the other person. Making it to the other side of that and experiencing healthier relationship dynamics made me feel so much lighter, confident and independent. It is so freeing to be unapologetically me. At the same time, I have been learning to navigate a very male dominated industry. I feel a lot of growth has happened for me over the last few years. I have my own opinions and I am confident in what I do which has made such a big difference if ever I do end up in a room with someone who I do not feel respected by. It is a very liberating feeling to not be so dependent on someone else’s validation, opinion and it’s that sense of freedom and confidence that I hope ‘It’s Not My Fault’ portrays.”

It’s Not My Fault‘ is out now on all platforms via Embassy of Music.