Miynt unveils shimmering new single “A Bite Of Papaya”

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You are currently viewing Miynt unveils shimmering new single “A Bite Of Papaya”

Let us introduce you to Stockholm – based artist and producer Miynt and her new single “A Bite Of Papaya“. The talented and versatile artist has been releasing brilliant singles and shared last year her debut album “Stay On Your Mind“.

Miynt is a real chameleon with the music she releases. Earlier this year she shared the rocky double single “Give me palm trees and inner peace / Lovesong” and now she’s going full on late night disco. “A Bite Of Papaya” is dripping in nostalgia thanks to the infectious disco-inspired production. The groovy track is filled with shimmering synths and delicious guitars. Miynt’s sweet and sultry vocals take the song to the next level turning it into an irresistible late night jam. The song comes right in time for these cold and dark winter days! With “A Bite Of Papaya“, Miynt is able to heat up this cold December by delivering a warm and tasty disco jam. We truly can’t wait to see what Miynt will do next!

A Bite Of Papaya” is out now on all platforms via B3SCI Records”.